#70: Alex Habeeb – Lebanon to America

This is the second episode in a series on Kankakee Podcast where we meet with a Kankakee County resident who came to America as an immigrant. The first being episode 41 with Simon Topliss, released earlier this year back in April. Simon was born in the United Kingdom. For this second episode, we are traveling much farther to the east to Lebanon where Alex Habeeb was born and raised. Habeeb is widely known for being the owner of both Taco John’s and Subway restaurants in Bradley and Bourbonnais. Outside of food, Alex has become a well respected soccer coach in the area after helping Momence High School resurrect their soccer program in 2017. 

It was incredibly inspiring to hear Alex’s story of how he wound up in Kankakee County and how he views America. It personally gave me a new respect for my country and how we as natural born citizen take for granted just how lucky we are to live here. 

I’m thankful that out of all the places Alex could have settled in the United States that he chose Kankakee County. He has been a tremendous asset to our community. 

Much Love,

Jake LaMore

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