#74: Eric Urbanowski of Main Street Pharmacy in Manteno

Let’s say a woman goes to CVS Pharmacy to pick up her prescription. She gives the pharmacy tech her insurance card to see what kind of coverage she can get on her medicine. After running her information, the total for a three month supply of her medication comes to around $142.00. Now, the next time she needs more medication, she decides to have the prescription filled at Main Street Pharmacy in Manteno. The owner and pharmacist, Eric Urbanowski, noticed how expensive that medication is through her insurance. He takes his time to look up and see what the cash price would be without going through her insurance. It turns out, her prescription would only cost her around $13.00 for a three month supply WITHOUT going through her health insurance coverage. So, Eric gives her the cash price for the medication and she’s on her way with more money in her bank account. This is a daily accurance at Main Street Pharmacy.

How is a small locally owned pharmacy able to do this? Eric Urbanowski explains in full detail on this episode of Kankakee Podcast. I think you’ll be fascinated with what Eric has to say. I found it to be truly mind blowing.

Learn more about Main Street Pharmacy at https://yourmainstreetpharmacy.com/.

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Thank you for sharing this valuable information, Eric!

Much Love,

Jake LaMore

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