Mayor Schore Addresses Goselin Park Name Change Rumor

Paul Schore, Mayor of the Village of Bourbonnais.

At Monday night’s Village of Bourbonnais board meeting, Mayor Paul Schore addressed a rumor that has been floating around on social media. That rumor being that Goselin Park was going to get a name change once the Community Campus Plan Project was complete. Mayor Schore’s statement is below:

“Goselin Park will always be Goselin Park. It was dedicated in honor of a young man who gave up his life in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and we think he is the only Bourbonnais resident to have died in that war. So it’s to honor him and all the veterans. It’s always going to be Goselin Park but there will be other amenities within the area, like the green area by the stage. The event will be “On the green at Goselin Park” or it will be “At the splash pad at Goselin Park”, it will be one of those kinds of things. The name is definitely not changing for the park.”

The $18.5 million dollar Community Campus Plan Project at Goselin Park is set to be completed 18 months from now. Learn more at

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